Goals for This School Year as Told by “Parks & Rec”

Putting these down on virtual paper will make me accountable.

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The #1 Reason People Should Visit Maryland in the Summer

If you grew up in any town within a 30ish minute distance of Baltimore, you are bound to have experienced the immense pleasantry that is, in my humble opinion, the greatest summer treat ever given to humankind.

The snowball. (Sometimes known as snoball or sno-ball, all wonderful, all delicious.)

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Whole-World Syndrome: Syd’s Snippets Stories

Welcome to a new thing I’m trying on this blog of mine! This is my attempt to get back into creative writing, which I spent a lot of time doing in elementary and middle school. This pastime of mine has slipped out of my life over the past several years, and I miss it dearly.

When I found myself scouring Pinterest and Tumblr for writing prompts, I knew it was time to get back into it.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up this new category of Syd’s Snippets Stories as I collaborate and find inspiration from my fellow writers on the Internet.

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YouTube Procrastination to YouTube Motivation

Working is hard. Even when you’re motivated and in love with what you’re doing sometimes getting those projects done and meeting those deadlines are just too much to think about.

In an effort to do something, anything, other than stare at your cursor blinking at you to remind you that you haven’t done anything in the last three hours, many of us turn to social media and YouTube videos to pass the time.

Here are 5 YouTube videos that are able to get you back on track while giving your brain a break!

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A Message from the Land of I Am Not Enough

“I keep telling myself life is in shambles because it all seems so good.”

-A dear friend of mine

Tues. June 20, 10:00 p.m.

Dear You,

Hey there. I’m sure you’ve been through a lot recently. More than you think you can handle sometimes. (Okay, maybe all the time.) It seems like no one is in your corner even though you’re trying your very best to be in everyone else’s.

Whether you wear your heart on your sleeve, giving people the amazing gift of vulnerability, or you paint a facade of togetherness that seems to be slipping away bit by bit… you feel alone.

And just when the sun seems to have burnt out, you see it peak over the horizon. It keeps going. And going. Andgoingandgoingandgoingandgoing.

Until there it is. A perpetual summer solstice gleams upon your face, blinding you from past misfortunes.

Or does it?

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