The Adventures of Aubs and Syd

We all have that one person you quickly look at and make an absurd face to when your professor says the magic words, “You can work with a partner.” Like so ↓↓

Well… that is us every time a partner project makes its way into our lives.


We are Sydney and Aubrey, just two best friends trying to creatively get their way through college (and life) one late-night-project-study-sesh at a time.

Aubs: Since freshman year, Syd and I have been partners for almost every project that we were given the opportunity to. Over the past two years, we’ve created essays, PowerPoints, media kits, videos and a plethora of fun memories. I’d say my most favorite is definitely the videos.

Syd: One of the more recent projects Aubs and I have worked on together is “MADComm News,” our college’s student-run news broadcast. Whenever we have worked together, Aubrey anchors, I film and we both edit. Being able to take our creative minds and meld them together is an amazing collaborative experience.

We appear to spend a majority of our time on campus together, especially in the realm of Prep Hall. Even though our department’s Mac Lab is technically for all communication students, we wish we could put a sign up that says, “Aubrey and Sydney At Work. Do Not Disturb.”

Although we are both very outgoing and personable, sometimes we wish we were the only people in our work place so no one sees how crazy we are when we’re alone.


Working alongside your best friend is not only rewarding when it comes to seeing our finished products, but it’s also a great opportunity to create amazing memories.

Describing our friendship with text is a difficult task, so hopefully this video does a better job.

We hope you have a good day throwing pens at your best friend,

-Aubs and Syd


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