Annapolis and My Authentic Self

Do you ever have days you just know you’re going to remember for the rest of your life? Ones you’re going to tell your kids about? Your grandkids?

The morning of June 8 began like most normal days. I woke up around 8 a.m. and packed my backpack, ready for what the day was going to bring.

Except, maybe I wasn’t.

Instead of going to the library to do homework for my summer class or begin the next post for this here blog you’ve stumbled upon, I was being whisked away on an excursion that guaranteed only two things: Chick-fil-a and car jams with friends.

For those of you that are visual learners like yours truly, I brought my camera along for the ride! Check out this video and then keep on reading!

Let the adventure begin.

Two things were unique about this mini road trip.

  1. Anna, the mastermind, gave us extremely minimal information about what we would be doing. We knew when we were leaving, the approximate temperature, and that first we had to make a stop at Chick-fil-a to fuel our bodies with a well-rounded breakfast of chicken minis, hash browns, and fruit cups.
  2. Bridget and I, due to the unfortunate busyness that comes with the first two years of college, had not seen each other since shortly after high school graduation. This was an immense tragedy that surely will not be relived.

Over breakfast, Bridget was a genius and guessed our previously unknown location – Annapolis!

Even though this gem of a city is less than an hour from our hometown, Anna and I hadn’t been since a field trip in 5th grade and Bridget had never been.

Once our tummies were full we hit the road, and as I always do in Anna’s car, I took over the aux cord. Our unusual obsession with the song “Despacito” lead to multiple listens of the original and the Justin Bieber remix. Bridget took it upon herself to sing the only part of the song she knows, that being the word despacito, over and over again all day. It was endearing, hilarious, and wonderfully Bridget.

Making our way to the waterfront, we turned the dock into our personal production studio. Photoshoots with friends are the best. No matter how low of a self-confidence day you’re having, they manage to make you feel beautiful. They bring it out from the inside, and their smiles draw one out of you, a process that can only be described as magic.


Anna’s older brother works in Annapolis, so he met us for lunch at this adorable restaurant called the Iron Rooster. He even said lunch was on him. What a gentleman. 🙂

The atmosphere, the service, the decor, the homemade pop tarts, and the people I shared the meal with, all 10/10 would recommend.

Our walks down the classic cobblestone streets were met with colorful buildings, day-brightening signs, Maryland flags galore, kiddos on field trips being led by tour guides decked out in colonial garb, and quaint little boutiques that made us want to spend all the money we didn’t have. (But for real though, one shop had products made from alpaca fur and the sweater was $300. We looked at one price tag and turned around quicker than we walked in.)

The amazing thing about this day was that to some it could seem like nothing noteworthy happened. We didn’t see anything incredible, we didn’t travel thousands of miles, we didn’t run into a famous person on the street.

But that my friends, is why this is a day that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life. Any day spent with people who have real estate in your heart and is filled to the brim with cloud 9 happiness is worth remembering.

Days like this enlighten my heart. The sun on our faces, gentle breezes from the water flowing through our hair, an unexplored place full of possibilities, and people who make me feel authentically myself.


Anna, as I mentioned in my sophomore slump post, has been my best friend since the second grade. Bridget entered my life in middle school band. Despite our two year long absence in each other’s lives, it felt as if we still saw each other at our lockers daily like in high school.

I am so blessed to have friends that bring out my authentic self. The clouds of self consciousness give way to rays of genuine sunshine when I’m around my people.

Days like this prove that sustained relationships come from within the heart, not the miles on a map or minutes on the clock.

Here’s to surprise road trips, Chick-fil-a breakfasts, “Despactio” sing-a-longs, friendship photoshoots, and our authentic selves.

I pray that each of you darling readers has a plethora of days like this to last a lifetime.

Keep on shining,



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