YouTube Procrastination to YouTube Motivation

Working is hard. Even when you’re motivated and in love with what you’re doing sometimes getting those projects done and meeting those deadlines are just too much to think about.

In an effort to do something, anything, other than stare at your cursor blinking at you to remind you that you haven’t done anything in the last three hours, many of us turn to social media and YouTube videos to pass the time.

Here are 5 YouTube videos that are able to get you back on track while giving your brain a break!

attempting to learn to play the guitar in 24 hours // Luke Korns

“I shouldn’t be striving for perfection, and ever since I told myself that it’s been a lot smoother.”

Luke makes a lot of great content, but this is one of my favorite videos of his. Through a sponsorship, he decides to learn a new skill, to play the guitar, in 24 hours. It is entertaining to watch him pick up little melodies, and relatable to watch him struggle through something that should be “easy” like a scale. In times of stress, it is crucial to know that progress is more important than perfection.

A Story About a Bird. // Montague Workshop

“The world’s in need of brave birds who say they’ll bravely sing with joy.”

All of Brad’s videos should be something that people watch as part of their daily routine. I had the pleasure of meeting Brad at an event at my college during my freshman year, and he is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever encountered. This video is truly a peek into Brad’s soul. Sometimes we lose motivation because we feel like we aren’t as good as other people working toward the same goal. One of the philosophies discussed in this video is to share your thoughts, stories, questions, creative endeavors, etc. with the world even though it is a scary place. Find motivation in the hope that by sharing your work it could be what someone needs to hear – even if that someone is you.

Enjoying the Journey: A Real Talk // New Age Creators (Chase)

“I have really large and potentially unrealistic goals and dreams, and it’s really hard to sometimes slow down and except the fact that it’s going to take me a while to get there. It’s not always going to be easy.”

This just might be my favorite YouTube video of all time. I have never felt words speak more deeply to what my heart screams at me on a near daily basis. The ambient music, the warm light seeping through the trees, the sheep wandering in the background, it all feels like you’re sitting there with this guy who is just like you. Everyone is human. And everyone is at different stages in their journeys. We need to take the time to appreciate the bumps and bruises that come from our own instead of trying to reach the premature end of someone else’s.

You’re Not Good Enough // vlogbrothers (Nathan Zed filling in for Hank Green)

“What I’m trying to do is just do things. Just do things I love regardless of how good I am.”

First of all, this video is funny. Really funny. It certainly lightens the mood from the downer of a title. The four words in this video’s title are ones that plague people so much it can be crippling. But what Nathan is able to share in this video through humor is that those words shouldn’t have as much weight on our lives as they do. Just because we aren’t the best at something doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.

Know Him to Find Him. // Sadie Robertson

“Even when the storms come, that’s when I have to be still.”

As a Christian, knowing who God is can really be a struggle. Sadie always has such wonderful messages about what it means to walk in God’s path. While explaining the message behind her new Giving Key, Sadie calls upon Psalm 46 and says that “even when” we seem to be thrown to the lions by life, God is there covering us in His love and grace. Even when we feel that lack of motivation, God is there to pull us back up.

Keep on shining,



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