Goals for This School Year as Told by “Parks & Rec”

Putting these down on virtual paper will make me accountable.

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YouTube Procrastination to YouTube Motivation

Working is hard. Even when you’re motivated and in love with what you’re doing sometimes getting those projects done and meeting those deadlines are just too much to think about.

In an effort to do something, anything, other than stare at your cursor blinking at you to remind you that you haven’t done anything in the last three hours, many of us turn to social media and YouTube videos to pass the time.

Here are 5 YouTube videos that are able to get you back on track while giving your brain a break!

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Reflections: The Sophomore Slump

It truly is amazing how much someone can change from ages 15 to 20, from sophomore year in high school to sophomore year in college.

My best friend and I are still cute as heck, but at least I lost the peace sign.

The sophomore slump as people have not-so-affectionately named it refers to the period during the second go at something fails to meet expectations to be better than the first. Continue reading “Reflections: The Sophomore Slump”

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